Postcards From the fall


BCN 2023

Postcards from the Fall


BCN 2023

Postcards from the Fall

Sculpture. 2023

Fall (noun and verb):


    1. Autumn Season: The season occurring between summer and winter, characterized by shorter days, cooler temperatures, and the shedding of leaves from deciduous trees; also known as autumn.
    2. Descent or Drop: The act or instance of descending or dropping from a higher to a lower position, such as the falling of rain, snow, or leaves.
    3. Loss of Balance: An unintentional descent to the ground, typically resulting from a loss of balance or stability; a sudden drop or collapse.
    4. Waterfall: A cascade or steep descent of water over a cliff or vertical slope, often referred to as a waterfall.


    1. Descend or Drop: To move downward from a higher to a lower position, as in leaves falling from trees or a person falling down.
    2. Lose Balance: To lose one’s balance and end up on the ground involuntarily; to trip or slip.
    3. Decrease or Decline: To experience a reduction or decline in quantity, value, quality, etc., as in temperatures falling or stock prices falling.
    4. Come to the Ground: In a broader sense, to come to the ground or lower level from a higher position or status.

This sculpture uses the postal shelf to showcase “fallen” tree leaves as postal cards.

The postcard serves as both a “souvenir” and a means of communication.

The postcard is a haiku.

Postcards say, “I was thinking of you when I was here.”

I was thinking of you in the autumn season.

In the descent of my life.

When I lost my balance.

In my decline,

When I came to the ground.

As postal cards showcase monuments, landscapes, beautiful photos of places and people, and things that make me think of you, that are worth sharing. Sharing with you.

So here’s my fall, my autumn season, my descent or drop, my loss of balance, my decrease or decline, here’s me coming to the ground. And it’s worth sharing with you


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